Raycast Series


How to Use Raycast and How It Compares to Spotlight and Alfred

Raycast compared to Spotlight and Alfred.


Some very basics of Raycast in the first in a series of articles on Raycast.

Raycast Clipboard History

Raycast comes with a basic, easy to use, and well designed Clipboard History feature.

Default Browser Switching

Sometimes it's nice to have apps automatically open links in a different browser, which is why the ability to quickly change default browsers is handy.

Raycast Script Command for Text Parsing

Raycast script commands are great for all kinds of scripted tasks, and I'm increasingly using them for tasks related to my website.

Image Search Text Recognition in Raycast and ScreenFloat

Raycast and ScreenFloat both contain some pretty amazing search features that use text recognition to find matching text in images.

Will ChatGPT Desktop Sherlock Raycast AI for Me?

Is OpenAI trying to Sherlock Raycast AI with its new macOS desktop app? Maybe.

Raycast AI Commands

One advantage of Raycast AI is its AI Commands functionality.