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The Async Image Loop

When I built the Friends with Beer podcast website, I built it using Eleventy, a JavaScript based static site generator. It’s Node.js based, which is great because it gives great flexibility in adding functionality and in development and build script options. Eleventy has a lot of great features that combine to allow flexible customization quickly and easily, so much so that the documentation understates just how powerful it is. I’ve had more than a few discovery moments along the way where I realized how much more there is to this framework than I suspected.

One of the neat things about playing with modern static site generators is that so much of the web development community who use SSGs for performance reasons also think about things like image optimization and overall site performance and overhead. It’s through my experiments with Eleventy that I learned about modern image optimization techniques and the img srcset and picture tags. …

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Drafts, Shortcuts, and Working Copy, The Movie

Today I made a very rough video showing my Drafts blog post publishing shortcut for a new friend on Twitter who will soon be in need of a mobile only blogging workflow. I’m not sure he wants the world to know who he is and where he’ll be for an extended duration, so I won’t reveal that here. However, I’ll happily link to his blog if he’s ok with it. All I can say is his future endeavor looks amazing!

Anyway, in the spirit of mostly closing out this chapter of my series on blogging using Drafts, Shortcuts, and Working Copy (and at one point Scriptable), I thought I’d link to my video here. It’s not great and I am a little under the weather, so expect some monotone and mumbling. I’ll make a better version in the future, but I can only say thanks for the nudge to get me to make one at all! …

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Is This Site Languishing?

I love you, dear reader, but you could be forgiven for thinking I don’t even know that you exist. You could even be forgiven for thinking I don’t even know my own website exists. Because, yes, to answer my own question, this site is languishing.

Here’s why.

I know that I’m going to entirely rewrite this site in something not Hugo. Mostly likely I’ll use Astro, which is a stupendously amazing looking static site generator that allows for inclusion of client-side javascript components (read: interactivity) on a very controlled basis. This means interactivity when needed (search and much, much more) while keeping overhead low for readers.

It’s not just about my ever-shifting focus on what makes me happy though. When I created this site in Hugo, I was wildly non-conversant in how it and static site generators in general allow for incredible flexibility. …

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