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Is This Site Languishing?

I love you, dear reader, but you could be forgiven for thinking I don’t even know that you exist. You could even be forgiven for thinking I don’t even know my own website exists. Because, yes, to answer my own question, this site is languishing.

Here’s why.

I know that I’m going to entirely rewrite this site in something not Hugo. Mostly likely I’ll use Astro, which is a stupendously amazing looking static site generator that allows for inclusion of client-side javascript components (read: interactivity) on a very controlled basis. This means interactivity when needed (search and much, much more) while keeping overhead low for readers.

It’s not just about my ever-shifting focus on what makes me happy though. When I created this site in Hugo, I was wildly non-conversant in how it and static site generators in general allow for incredible flexibility. …

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4 Nubs

After all these years, I still have my moments online when I handle something really wrong and counterproductively. I belonged to a Discord for people participating in CSS courses from a really great online CSS instructor and saw a comment that really irritated me. In a Linux channel, someone made an assertion that some application or other was for Nubs (pretty sure that’s how he spelled it). I can’t even remember what he was saying was for 1337s, I think it was vim.

I like vim, I use vim, it’s my text editor of choice in Linux and in the terminal on the Mac. But in a Discord server created for the point of helping people who are undoubtedly new to things, why would you categorize any tool someone new might be using as for nubs and expect that to be welcoming and friendly? …

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Taking it to Eleventy

Hi. You may remember me from such hits as Drafts, Shortcuts, and Scriptable and Drafts, Shortcuts, Scriptable, and Working Copy – A Workflow Story. Or you may not, because I haven’t written anything here in months.

I’m not dead yet. Just busy.

I moved the Friends With Beer podcast to my own Linode server, and it needed a new website. I could have just chopped up the Hugo theme that Vic and I were working on, but I can’t lie – I hate programming in Hugo. It’s got a Yoda-like syntax that I don’t understand the need for, or the appeal of. At first I thought Go itself was just that stupid, but I don’t think it is. I think the Go templating engine that Hugo uses is responsible for the weird syntax, and I don’t really understand why it has to be that way. …

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