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Taking it to Eleventy

Hi. You may remember me from such hits as Drafts, Shortcuts, and Scriptable and Drafts, Shortcuts, Scriptable, and Working Copy – A Workflow Story. Or you may not, because I haven’t written anything here in months.

I’m not dead yet. Just busy.

I moved the Friends With Beer podcast to my own Linode server, and it needed a new website. I could have just chopped up the Hugo theme that Vic and I were working on, but I can’t lie – I hate programming in Hugo. It’s got a Yoda-like syntax that I don’t understand the need for, or the appeal of. At first I thought Go itself was just that stupid, but I don’t think it is. I think the Go templating engine that Hugo uses is responsible for the weird syntax, and I don’t really understand why it has to be that way. …

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Some Updates – Drafts, Shortcuts, Scriptable, and Working Copy – A Workflow Story, Part 4

In this series:

I know I owe you a deep dive into my actual blog post and podcast episode publishing shortcuts now, but first I want to address an update to the image handling portion of my Drafts workflow that I talked about in Part 2 of this series.

At the time, Shortcuts in the iPadOS 15 beta had an issue in which the newly added ability to access iCloud directories outside the Shortcuts folder simply didn’t work. As a result, for shortcuts that needed access to the Drafts iCloud folder, I used an inline Scriptable JavaScript action which worked great thanks to Scriptable’s folder and file bookmark feature. …

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Drafts, Shortcuts, Scriptable, and Working Copy – A Workflow Story, Part 3

In this series:

When I titled this series Drafts, Shortcuts, and Scriptable – A Workflow Story, I made a major faux pas by omitting an incredibly key piece of my blog post publishing puzzle, and that’s the incredible app Working Copy from Anders Borum. Maybe it’s because I’m stupid and simply forgot to credit the guy who created one of my most indispensable pieces of software, or maybe it’s because while Working Copy is indeed part of my workflow story, you could also title anything I write about it a love story as well, because I truly love that app. Anders is a man who really gets the iPad, and he’s one of the few still making apps for getting real programming-related work done on the iPad.

Not …

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