RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 1

Astro makes some things incredibly simple, and other things not nearly so.

RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 2

The details of my custom RSS feed.

Map Your Stuff

JavaScript array maps are a common pattern in Astro, and very useful ones at that.

Astro RSS Compiled Content

Astro RSS now supports full content RSS feed items.

Astro RSS 1.2.0 Update

Astro fixed a bug with Astro RSS that broke custom content.

Giving in to Astro Pagination

Blog post pagination: I fought the Astro law and the Astro law won.


Pagefind is a great find for static site search (thanks to Bryce Wray for that line) and Astro-Pagefind integrates it beautifully into Astro.

Adding to Allowed Tags in Sanitize-Html

sanitize-html is a great utility for cleaning up HTML to include in RSS, among other things, but it has a limited set of allowed tags. Here's how to add to that list.

The Push I Needed to Implement Link Posts

Thanks entirely to Tiffany White creating a GitHub issue on my site repo, I finally implemented something that's been on my site to-do list for some time, but that I've never gotten around to actually doing until now: link posts.

Some Tags

Thanks to the brilliance of those who came before me, I now have tags on my site.

Expressive Code Blocks in Astro

Create more compelling code blocks and syntax highlighting in Astro with Expressive Code and astro-expressive-code.

Get Rid of Theme Flicker

Avoiding theme flicker on Astro sites with multiple themes.

A Series of Series

I write a lot of posts that are topically related, so now I can lump posts together in a series.

Auto-Generated Last Modified Date in Astro

If you have a page that you want to show the last modified date on, Astro and remark can do it for you automatically.

Astro Icon 1.x Upgrade

Upgrading to Astro Icon 1.x from older versions.

Astro Templates for JSON Data

Using a JSON data file and rendering it in Astro page templates.

Using Git Hooks for Displaying Last Modified Dates

Git hooks are pretty cool. I'm using pre-commit to conditionally update the last modified date on certain pages in my blog. Here's how I did it.



Bunch is an amazing little automation tool for controlling work environments on your Mac.

Bunch of Amphetamine

A hyper addition to my podcast workflow that keeps my Mac awake at all times.

One (More?) Thing

Automating displaying my IP address in my menu bar.

One More One More Thing: LaunchControl

While debugging a broken LaunchAgent script, I discovered a great utility.

Automatic Image Processing With AppleScript and Retrobatch

I now have automatic image processing for my Friends with Brews images that happens automatically when I drop images in a folder, and I love it.

My Podcasting Workflows

My Podcasting Setup – the Hardware

Part 1 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. This is the hardware I use for podcasting.

My Podcasting Setup - Recording Software

Part 2 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. This is the software I use for recording podcasts.

Podcast Recording Practices

Part 3 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. These are some things you should consider in order to record a clean, pleasant sounding podcast.

Podcast Transcripts With Audio Hijack

Rogue Amoeba just added a Whisper powered transcription feature to Audio Hijack, and I am going to give it a try.


How to Use Raycast and How It Compares to Spotlight and Alfred

Raycast compared to Spotlight and Alfred.


Some very basics of Raycast in the first in a series of articles on Raycast.

Raycast Clipboard History

Raycast comes with a basic, easy to use, and well designed Clipboard History feature.

Default Browser Switching

Sometimes it's nice to have apps automatically open links in a different browser, which is why the ability to quickly change default browsers is handy.

Raycast Script Command for Text Parsing

Raycast script commands are great for all kinds of scripted tasks, and I'm increasingly using them for tasks related to my website.

Responsive Images

Reponsive Image Rabbit Hole – Part 1

I learned about responsive images the hard way, by misunderstanding how they worked.

Reponsive Image Rabbit Hole – Part 2

Using automation, specifically Astro Image, to give the browser image options.

Reponsive Image Rabbit Hole – Part 3

Some science experiments with Astro Image to show how it and responsive images in general work.

Picture Element Sizes Attribute

A deeper look at controlling image display sizes with the picture element's sizes attribute.

More on Astro, Image Optimization, and Markdown

A continuing journey to get image optimization for markdown files with Astro.

Podcast Episode Image Script

The optimized image generation step in my podcast show notes image workflow.

Astro Remark Eleventy Image

Christian Ohanaja's Astro Remark Eleventy Image plugin.

Dimensions Are a Nightmare

Responsive Image handling still has some problems, at least to my knowledge.

Astro Markdown Image Story

Astro's in a good place - native markdown image optimization is coming, and there is already an excellent third-party option for those who need it now.

Astro 3 and Responsive Images

Astro 3 required me to rethink my site image optimization strategy yet again. Am I finally done? Probably not.

Astro 3.3 Picture Component

Astro 3.3 dramatically improves the Astro image optimization story once again.


Warp Blocks

Warp is a modern, macOS convention-friendly terminal. One of its nicer features is Blocks, which allow for deeper work on command output.