Raycast Script Command for Text Parsing

Raycast script commands are great for all kinds of scripted tasks, and I'm increasingly using them for tasks related to my website.

Astro Templates for JSON Data

Using a JSON data file and rendering it in Astro page templates.

Auto-Generated Last Modified Date in Astro

If you have a page that you want to show the last modified date on, Astro and remark can do it for you automatically.

Default Browser Switching

Sometimes it's nice to have apps automatically open links in a different browser, which is why the ability to quickly change default browsers is handy.

Get Rid of Theme Flicker

Avoiding theme flicker on Astro sites with multiple themes.

Some Tags

Thanks to the brilliance of those who came before me, I now have tags on my site.

Automatic Image Processing With AppleScript and Retrobatch

I now have automatic image processing for my Friends with Brews images that happens automatically when I drop images in a folder, and I love it.

Git Diff With Previous Commit Versions

Comparing versions of the same file from two different commits using git.

Giving in to Astro Pagination

Blog post pagination: I fought the Astro law and the Astro law won.

One More One More Thing: LaunchControl

While debugging a broken LaunchAgent script, I discovered a great utility.

One (More?) Thing

Automating displaying my IP address in my menu bar.

AppleScript GPT

ChatGPT doesn't always get programming right.

Bunch of Amphetamine

A hyper addition to my podcast workflow that keeps my Mac awake at all times.


Bunch is an amazing little automation tool for controlling work environments on your Mac.

Map Your Stuff

JavaScript array maps are a common pattern in Astro, and very useful ones at that.