Raycast Clipboard History

Raycast comes with a basic, easy to use, and well designed Clipboard History feature.


Some very basics of Raycast in the first in a series of articles on Raycast.

My Podcasting Setup - Recording Software

Part 2 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. This is the software I use for recording podcasts.

How to Use Raycast and How It Compares to Spotlight and Alfred

Raycast compared to Spotlight and Alfred.

My Podcasting Setup – the Hardware

Part 1 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. This is the hardware I use for podcasting.

Fastmarks and Safari Bookmark Descriptions

Fastmarks and Safari bookmark descriptions are a poweruser bookmark search combination supreme.

Editing Safari Bookmark Descriptions in macOS

Editing Safari bookmark descriptions and the (more interesting) backstory of why I stumbled across how to do it.

Automatic Image Processing With AppleScript and Retrobatch

I now have automatic image processing for my Friends with Brews images that happens automatically when I drop images in a folder, and I love it.


Drafts now has access to the OpenAI API for ChatGPT

All the GPTs

Mac and iOS users have some great options for ChatGPT tools.

One More One More Thing: LaunchControl

While debugging a broken LaunchAgent script, I discovered a great utility.

One (More?) Thing

Automating displaying my IP address in my menu bar.

AppleScript GPT

ChatGPT doesn't always get programming right.

Bunch of Amphetamine

A hyper addition to my podcast workflow that keeps my Mac awake at all times.


Bunch is an amazing little automation tool for controlling work environments on your Mac.