Really Specifically

Martin Feld's Really Specific Stories podcast delves deep into the topic of what podcasts mean to people and how they interact with and/or produce them.

Adding to Allowed Tags in Sanitize-Html

sanitize-html is a great utility for cleaning up HTML to include in RSS, among other things, but it has a limited set of allowed tags. Here's how to add to that list.

Podcast Episode Image Script

The optimized image generation step in my podcast show notes image workflow.

More on Astro, Image Optimization, and Markdown

A continuing journey to get image optimization for markdown files with Astro.

Astro RSS 1.2.0 Update

Astro fixed a bug with Astro RSS that broke custom content.

Astro RSS Compiled Content

Astro RSS now supports full content RSS feed items.

RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 2

The details of my custom RSS feed.

RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 1

Astro makes some things incredibly simple, and other things not nearly so.