Podcast Transcripts With Audio Hijack

Rogue Amoeba just added a Whisper powered transcription feature to Audio Hijack, and I am going to give it a try.

Podcast Recording Practices

Part 3 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. These are some things you should consider in order to record a clean, pleasant sounding podcast.

My Podcasting Setup - Recording Software

Part 2 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. This is the software I use for recording podcasts.

My Podcasting Setup – the Hardware

Part 1 of a series on podcasting setups and workflows. This is the hardware I use for podcasting.

Is This the Show?

A new podcast with a trio of hosts who've never been seen in the same room together before.

Bunch of Amphetamine

A hyper addition to my podcast workflow that keeps my Mac awake at all times.

Friends With Transcripts

Friends with Brews podcast now has episode transcripts!

Whispering Podcast Transcripts

Whisper.cpp is a C/C++ port of OpenAI's Whisper that might meet your needs for audio transcription.

Podcast Episode Image Script

The optimized image generation step in my podcast show notes image workflow.

More on Astro, Image Optimization, and Markdown

A continuing journey to get image optimization for markdown files with Astro.

Friends With Brews

Friends with Brews? Yes, it's the more inclusive incarnation of the Friends with Beer podcast.

Friends With Beer 2.0

Friends with Beer podcast has a new site, and it shouldn't surprise you that it's written with Astro.