Auto-Generated Last Modified Date in Astro

If you have a page that you want to show the last modified date on, Astro and remark can do it for you automatically.

Adding to Allowed Tags in Sanitize-Html

sanitize-html is a great utility for cleaning up HTML to include in RSS, among other things, but it has a limited set of allowed tags. Here's how to add to that list.

Title Case

A good system should never make you remember its implementation details in order to use.

Map Your Stuff

JavaScript array maps are a common pattern in Astro, and very useful ones at that.

RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 2

The details of my custom RSS feed.

RSS, Astro, and Me – Part 1

Astro makes some things incredibly simple, and other things not nearly so.


My website has begun anew, and here's why.