Really Specifically

Here’s a pitch for you: how’d you like to listen to a podcast that is both fascinating from the perspective of being about tech nerdery and podcasts in general AND that is also part of a PhD project? There can only be one that fits this definition, and it’s Martin Feld’s Really Specific Stories podcast.

If you haven’t listened, you should. Don’t start with the latest episode though (featuring yours truly), start from the beginning or pick any other episode at random and get a feel for what this project is all about.

I really enjoy the intentional way that Martin delves into the topic of what podcasts mean to people and how they interact with and/or produce them. He digs deeply into people’s relationships with podcasting in a way that I haven’t heard anywhere else.

I’m sure Adam Curry has uttered more words on the concept of podcasting, but I’d be hard pressed to imagine any of it is as illuminating or focused on understanding what podcasting is all about as Really Specific Stories is.