QuickTune Is Beautiful and MacStories Knows It

Mario Guzmán has made some beautiful apps in his time, and QuickTune tops the list in my opinion. QuickTune is a beautifully Tiger-ish retro music player that uses Apple Music but gives a beautiful retro brushed metal QuickTime UI for controlling and visualizing your playlists with.

I mean, look at this!


So it’s well deserved but still very cool that QuickTune was featured in MacStories yesterday. As John says,

I’m not usually nostalgic about apps. I appreciate classic designs from the past, but I find ‘new’ more exciting. However, for every rule, there’s an exception, and for me, it’s Mario Guzmán’s beautiful, pixel-perfect reimagining of classic Apple music apps.

I’m kind of the same way – while I do feel that flat modern design sensibility has caused the Mac UI to lose some soul, I generally don’t worry about it a lot. But still, the kind of apps Mario makes do harken back to when beautiful apps mattered and there was a clear cut distinction between Mac operating systems and everything else. I really like that.

The full MacStories article is here.