Now (or Recently)

The "now page" concept comes from an idea by Derek Sivers to have people communicate what they're focused on now at this point in their lives.



I’m progressing slowly here, but I actually am still reading these books.

I don’t have a lot of time for reading these days, and usually by the time I get in bed I’m too tired to think so I just play solitaire or crosswords or and then go to sleep. But I am reading these!

Movies and TV

  • Dark Matter Still watching. Still feels like they don’t know how to make a compelling series last for however many episodes they have planned. LOTS of navel gazing and exposition, and I’m not necessarily opposed to focus on characters and story, but it’s gotta be compelling.

Food and Drink

  • Toshi Restaurant This place has wonderful hot donburi, curry, and ramen, but the fresh sushi is worth its weight in gold (and costs it too).
  • Home | ramen-ryoma You can get really good ramen here for a family without bankrupting yourself, and that’s not nothing. In fact, it’s quite something. You should go. Now. Today.