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Mac 40


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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Mac turned 40. And what a glorious 40 it is – with Apple Silicon and the return to some amount of function over form in the laptops and (most of the) desktops, the Mac is better than ever.

Personally, I started early on the Mac. My dad bought us matching 128K Macs the first year they came out. My Mac was upgraded to Fat Mac and then Mac Plus, and it served me far longer than it had any right to. By the time I got a current at the time PC at a discount from my employer, my Mac was way past its useful lifespan.

People have been telling a lot of fun stories about the Mac for its 40th anniversary. I highly encourage you listen to Upgrade #496: 40th Anniversary of the Mac Draft even if you’re not an Upgrade listener. Yes, it’s a draft, yes, John Siracusa actually drafts the current Mac Pro as the worst Mac ever, and yes, it is glorious. There’s also this peak Siracusa moment

Here’s a list of some articles, podcast episodes, and videos I’ve enjoyed this week.

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