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Cool Site Spotlight

Effects Showroom - TerminalTextEffects Docs

TerminalTextEffects (TTE) is a terminal visual effects engine. TTE can be installed as a system application to produce effects in your terminal, or as a Python library to enable effects within your Python scripts/applications.




Apple Home





Aleksandr Hovhannisyan
Aleksandr Hovhannisyan makes performant web software.

Alex Marshall - UI Designer
Alex likes coffee. Alex likes computers. I like the things Alex writes.

Álvaro Ramírez
A man of many tech topics.

And now… – The musings of an ageing technophile
I always enjoy whatever Allister has to say. He’s a friend from the Apple community.

A Shower Of Thoughts
Some web stuff, some Apple stuff, this Dutch-Latino man is my kinda human.

Bart Busschots
Bart Busschots is a programmer, podcaster, and one of the kindest and coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting virtually.

Matt Birchler is a UI and UX designer and YouTuber, but he’s also a man of interesting thoughts on tech topics.

The Bored Horse
The Bored Horse is by Thord D. Hedengren, writer, publisher, and web developer, and is a very cool site indeed.
Bryce Wray writes articles that help me figure out solutions to web development related problems I have, and for that reason alone, I love and recommend him.

Byte Cellar - The Vintage Computing Weblog The most interesting man in the world isn’t that old guy with the beard and the gravelly voice in the beer commercials. It’s Blake Patterson. The Byte Cellar is an internet-ional treasure of nostalgia and experimentation.

Carlo Zottmann
Carlo posts links! And who doesn’t love links??

Cassidy’s blog
Cassidy Williams does great work in the web world. She’s a great web advocate.

Cassie Evans’s Blog
Cassie Evans has some amazing design sensibility, and she’s one of the people putting the fun back into the web in a delightful way.

Habib Cham is one of the nicest people you’ll meet on the socials, and he’s always got thoughts about tech, sports, and life. The world needs more people like him.

I don’t really know much about Mark except that I stumbled across his blog and found it interesting. The title should tell you he’s into the Apple ecosphere.

Cole’s Blog
I like people who blog because they love to, results be damned!

Colin Devroe - Photographer. Blogger. Reverse Engineer.
Colin Devroe is a photographer and blogger with some fun ideas about what a blog can be.

Cory Dransfeldt
Software developer and personal blogger.

Craig Mod — Writer + Photographer
Craig Mod is a writer and photographer and really thoughtful guy. The fact that he lives in and walks all over Japan, where I lived as a boy, makes him even more interesting to me.

David Amador
Lots of gaming stuff here which is pretty cool.
David Nelson. What a nice man. I enjoy his thoughts on life in general. He’s in the Apple world, but he’s also a nice, level-headed adult who I greatly enjoy talking with.

The Dent ·
Did I ever tell you that Andy Nicolaides was a co-host of mine on Pocket Sized Podcast for a time? He was, but don’t hold that against him - go read what he says about tech!

The Eclectic Light Company – Macs, painting, and more
I don’t know about the paintings because I haven’t looked that far yet, but the Mac stuff is stupendously great. Howard Oakley should be proud (but not too proud, because no one likes arrogance).
I came for the colorspace article, I stayed for the photography. Wow!

EuroVan Camper Stuff
I don’t think I know David H’s last name, but he’s the same guy from Notes and Ramblings below. He’s also a Hemispheric Views adjacent person, and I like him.

Flashing Palely in the Margins
Sameer’s design is so clean and so fresh, you’ll have to read this blog.

Gordon’s Tech
Gordon’s Tech is tech related, and it’s by John Gordon! Didn’t see that coming, did ya?!

Harshil Shah
I like Harshil Shah. I think everyone likes Harshil Shah. He created the excellent Peak and Pause apps, and more importantly, he brings light to the world.

Heavy Home
It’s 1999, and even if it’s not, Mike is going to pretend like it is!

Hello! from Rick Cogley
Rick’s microblog on tech and Japan! Hey, I like both of those things!

Home | James’ Coffee Blog
Is it a blog? Is it a coffee blog? I guess it’s both, because James says so. Either way, it’s also about the indieweb, and I’m here for it!

Jascha’s blog | This blog is intended to be a place to share ideas and results that are too weird, incomplete, or off-topic to turn into an academic paper, but that I think may be important. Let me know what you think! Contact links to the left.
This is some crazy brain food that I probably won’t understand most of.

Hey, it’s Jason! // Welcome!
Jason is a Hemispheric Views guy, a Portlander, and he’s got a really, really nice looking website.

Hugo’s Blog
Hugo is apparently a Meta Quest guy and he just wrote an encyclopedia-sized article on the Apple Vision Pro. I hope not every blog post he does is that long, but it’s a fascinating read anyway.

I mean, it’s John Siracusa.

I Build Things — Chris McLeod
I love the design of this site. Wow!

Blog | Kev Quirk
Another example of a blog that’s well worth reading already, but then also has this design it’s fantastic. - home of fine hypertext products
I don’t need to tell you about NO ONE needs to tell you about!!!

Home |
His post on Perpelexity AI being subject to prompt injection is pretty good.

The Liner Project
Ronnie Lutes – friend, blogger, former podcaster, and fan of history. Also I think he knows all the best restaurants in Vegas, so you should probably ask him questions if you’re headed there.

Blog | LMNT
Louie Mantia’s blog. Lots of interesting ideas here, and the rest of the sight is great too. It’s even a Cool Site Spotlight entry.
You all know who Marco Arment is. I put this in blogrolls because he doesn’t write often, and it’s not always about Apple stuff. 🤷‍♂️

Blog – Mark writes
Retro computing and a lot more.

Martin Gunnarsson
Martin writes a lot about bikes, and a lot about Eleventy.

Matt Stein
I just found Matt’s blog today when he answered Molly White’s call for blogs. Looks interesting.

mb bischoff
Designer, developer, blogger, Lickability. It’s all good stuff.

Miriam Eric Suzanne
Miriam Eric Suzanne writes about the web and CSS. I can’t remember where I first saw Miriam speaking, but it was either in the context of the W3C CSS working group or SASS.
Another site with unique and beautiful design. And it’s all about web-related topics, so you’ll love that too.

Blog – Nathan Knowler
I just started reading this blog, but anything about web development is always of interest and use to me.

Posts | Nathan’s Site
Mac, web, and probably some FOSS stuff.

net.wars - computers, freedom, and privacy
Wendy Grossman writes about computers, freedom, and privacy.

nico’s blog · Why store your 2FA in your password manager
I knew this was an guy as soon as I saw the site. 😄 I really like the design and readability here.

Notes · Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer
Web, Mac, and more.

Notes and Ramblings
See the notes for EuroVan Camper Stuff above - it’s David H!

Philip Zastrow
I love all the different websites from designers. This is super cool too.

Phil’s weblog
Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that are all about how the website is built. I love that stuff.

Pixel Envy
Nick Heer’s blog. I just stumbled across this tonight myself. Very much tech related, like most of the blogs I list here.

Home | Rach Smith’s digital garden
The modern web is beautiful. Rach Smith’s site is part of why.

Realmac Dan - Realmac Dan
What? Realmac Dan? THE Realmac?

Rebecca Owen
I don’t know Rebecca Owen, but I really like her site, and she’s got a now page, so she must be ok. 😄

Riccardo Mori | Writer & Translator
Riccardo seems like a very serious blogger, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean he seems to consider his words carefully, and that’s probably something I should do more of.

Robb Knight
Robb Knight does beautiful web work. AND he’s a nice human being! But what really makes him stand out is his amazing App Defaults page.

Rosemary Orchard
If you’re into Apple platforms and automation, you’ve definitely heard of Rosemary Orchard. A tech wizard and creator of good ideas.

samwho What an amazing programming explainer blog! Sam has all kinds of interactive visualizations for clarifying programming concepts, and it’s delightful.

Sarah Rainsberger 🐦
Sarah Rainsberger is lead for the Astro docs project, and she’s also a super nice, super helpful, and super capable and organized human being. I sure hope the Astro people know how valuable she is to their mission.

Shankar UX
Shankar designs Gmail interactions. He’s also recently discovered the modern personal web, which I think is bigger than he realizes. I hope he makes the most of it.

A fun collection of things John Siracusa has said on podcasts.

Silvia Maggi - Designer
I only just found Silvia Maggi’s site, but as anyone can see by my site, I need all the help I can get with accessibility and usability, so her site looks like a great resource.

Stephanie Eckles – Front-End SWE, Author, Speaker
Stephanie Eckles is kind of amazing. She does a ton for CSS, web development, and positive encouragement and inclusivity through her writing and her videos. I think she’s pretty well known and respected in the CSS world.

Taggart Tech
A tech blog with a delightfully retro design.

John Chidgey is an engineer first and foremost, and a podcaster and writer additionally. That’s not to downplay those works – they’re excellent. It’s just to emphasize how based in analysis his work is.

…tiff is typing
Tiffany White writes, does web development, has a cat, and is clearly a good person, but more than that, she’s someone I can become a better person by listening to and learning from.
Unix, linux, open source. - Andy Baio lives here
I think a lot of people know of Andy Baio, but I’ll admit I wasn’t reading his blog until recently.

Wild Thoughts
This is another one where the design immediately hooked me. Sara’s site has it in spades. Beautiful!

Ye Olde Blogroll -
It’s not a blog, it’s not a roll, it’s a BLOGROLL!!!

You have arrived at a website named HeydonWorks
The blog is currently a lot about web programming, but there’s all kinds of other stuff on this site too, and I really love the unique design.

Your Intermittent Lex
Lex Friedman, creator of many things including Lex’s Games by Lex Friedman!

The title of this blog means four and a half tatami mats, which is a small room size in Japan. The site is bilingual, so if you’re like me and you can read some Japanese very slowly, you’ll love this site based on the topics AND the experience. Oh, and it looks beautiful.



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