Is This the Show?

I’ve been on podcasts with both Clay Daly and John Chidgey before, including on my own Friends with Brews podcast, but I’ve never been on a podcast with both of them at the same time before. Now I have.

Is This the Show? is our new, fortnightly (or so) podcast that gives the three of us a chance to catch up and talk about tech in a casual setting (as opposed to a Causality setting). If episode 1 lives up to its name and we can be socially tolerated, then we may have a winner (only you can decide)!

In other podcast news, Friends with Brews hits middle age with episode 40, and Peter and I recount some of the thumbs ups and thumbs downs of the 99 brews, including beer, coffee, and tea, that we’ve featured in those 40 episodes. It may be the most relaxing midlife crisis ever!