Hypercritical GOLD Theme


I called this Hypercritical Yellow. John scolded me. And I deserved it.

As my friend Tiff says, “This response is classic Siracusa. Priceless.”

Original post, edited to say gold instead of yellow:

In honor of John Siracusa’s soon-ending every-five-year run of Hypercritical t-shirts, I’ve added a third theme to my site besides the usual light and dark themes: Hypercritical Gold.

This is the t-shirt:

Hypercritical Yellow Tee

This is my website:

Scott's Hypercritical Yellow Theme

You can toggle the themes on the site menu. There’s a little icon under all the menu items that appears as a moon (if you are in dark theme), a sun (if you’re in light theme), or a little 128k Mac (if you’re in hypercritical theme). Clicking that icon toggles through the themes from dark to hypercritical to light.