Friends With Brews

Peter and I decided a little while ago to convert the Friends with Beers podcast to Friends with Brews podcast. Our reasoning is pretty simple: we don’t always want to drink beer quite as often as we want to talk, and we both like coffee and tea.

But Clay Daly pointed out another huge benefit: the podcast is more inclusive as Friends with Brews, because some people won’t care about beer, but they might be interested in coffee or tea. And coffee and tea, you may be shocked to learn, are brewed. They qualify as brews. So there will be times on the podcast that we’re both drinking beer, or we’re both drinking coffee, or one of us is drinking beer and tea, or just tea, or just coffee, or… The permutations aren’t endless, but they may as well be for all the effort I’m going to exert in calculating them.1

Anyway, I think that the change will be seamless if you subscribed through Apple Podcasts or Overcast. If you subscribed directly to our RSS feed, then please delete it and resubscribe to the Friends with Brews RSS feed.

By the way, the Friends with Brews website is an upgrade. It features a fully indexed search capability, accessible both from the home page and from the brews page, which will return matches for the site in general and for the different drinks more specifically. I think it also looks a lot nicer than the previous incarnation of the site, but I am biased since I’m the one who built it.


  1. Hint: zero effort