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Friends With Beer 2.0

I think I mentioned in my Responsive Image Rabbit Hole Series that I have been building an Astro version of the Friends with Beer website, and it’s finally live!

Friends with Beer now features a nicer look, redesigned beer detail pages, and a fully indexed search capability that returns results for episodes AND for beer! That means you can search for a beer we talked about in an episode and find it immediately. The search UI shows up on the home page and on the beer cooler page.

I still need to tweak the custom 404 by updating it for the new build, so it is basically an un-styled page at this point.

Having finished this, my work isn’t even done yet, because now I need to tweak the site to meet our new goal of being Friends with Brews! That’s right, we want the flexibility to drink not just beer, but coffee and tea instead. Those are brewed, beer is brewed, and it means less beer drinking for times a beer really doesn’t sound right.

More on that soon, hopefully…