I love Drafts for writing blog posts, podcast episode show notes, and more. I used to also use it for saving self-written tech-related documentation in, but now that is primarily in Obsidian. But Drafts is great for “writing writing”. Workspaces, actions, themes, templates, and huge amounts of built-in functionality make it a flexible, capable writing tool. It’s also super keyboard shortcut friendly, which is a huge must-have for me.

And now it’s even better, because it has everyone’s favorite buzzword, ChatGPT!

This is actually a pretty cool feature, assuming you’re experienced with ChatGPT and know its strengths and weaknesses and how to dig the truth out from its inevitable lies. I’ve talked about MacGPT and its inline mode before, and using ChatGPT in Drafts is very much like using MacGPT’s inline mode. It’s very easy to create actions to define things, check spelling, summarize a selection, or to write code to match requirements specified in a prompt. In fact, Greg Pierce, creator of Drafts, has written some actions to do those very things.1

I made some quick short videos showing these actions in… well… action. Have a look. By the way, I modified the OpenAI: Translate Selection action to include Japanese as an option. As written, it included Spanish, French, German, English.


  1. Look for the actions posted by agiletortoise in those search results.