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Astro Sitemap Page Modified Timestamps

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Threads generally makes me sad by being social media, so I don’t look at it often. Imagine my surprise today when I was wading through some hostile replies to my thoughts about an F1 related topic and I stumbled across a comment to me about my post on Using Git Hooks for Displaying Last Modified Dates and how to apply it to Astro Sitemap.

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Interesting question. I guess the approach would be to first use pre-commit to modify the timestamps on any pages updated in the commit and then modify the sitemap file by looking for any pages with date modified timestamps and updating their entries in the sitemap.

There is a serialize function in Astro Sitemap and it looks like it happens on build when writing out the sitemap. If this is true, so long as you do your git commit before you do your build, it should update the pages with the correct last modified dates.

Now I’m going to have to play with Astro Sitemap and find out!