About Me

Hello, friend.

I spent my formative years living in Kagoshima City, Japan, as a very rare gaijin at the time. Sakurajima dumped ash on us regularly, proving that its reputation as one of the world's most active volcanoes is no lie, and earthquakes and typhoons were part of the package.

For me, there was no better place to spend my youth. I learned another language, and more importantly, another way of thinking.

My interest in computing technology was born in Japan as well. My brother scrounged parts off an IBM employee he was friends with and built homebrew systems that he programmed in binary and hex. We played with Japanese computers and the Apple II. I learned to type thanks to game code listings in magazines like Softalk (more on that here).

My first personally owned computer was the original 128k Macintosh which my dad bought for me. Today I'm still a Mac user, but I did spend a lot of years on PCs as well (and I still use them at work).

As far as my current favorite computing device goes, it's really hard to choose between my 2019 iPad Air and my 5k iMac. I love both. I don't take sides in the Mac vs. iPad wars. I love and use both, and I use them in as many geeky ways as possible. It makes me sad that we all have tremendous computing power at our disposal, and most people use it to watch stupid videos or fight with relatives on Facebook rather than create and learn.

Among other things, I plan to post about automation and geekiness for both Mac and iOS platforms here – Shortcuts, apps, secret terminal incantations, and more.

Contact me on the social medias if you wish.

My happiness in life is due pretty much entirely to my wife and daughter. They are amazing.