This is a work in progress as I move things here from saw66.com.


I am a tech oldie who has used Apple products since the Apple II was the thing. I know how to use a terminal window and a command line but I also enjoy iOS devices and prefer to edit podcasts and YouTube videos on my iPad. My first personally owned computer (thanks, Dad!) was the original 1984 128k Macintosh.

Until recently, I did an iOS podcast called Pocket Sized Podcast, with a fun succession of co-hosts (Peter Nikolaidis, Ronnie Lutes, Vic Hudson, and Andy Nicolaides). It existed in two incarnations: from Dec 14th, 2010 to Aug 30th, 2014, and then again for a much shorter run from January 18th, 2018 to Dec 5th, 2018.

You can listen to episodes 164a – 200 (the 2018 run) by plugging the archive feed into your podcast app of choice or by finding it in iTunes. Eventually I’ll get some of the first run up too, at least the episodes with Ronnie Lutes as co-host. It was really popular during that time until we killed it. It never really did recover from its sudden death.

For 8 wonderful years of my childhood life, I lived in Kagoshima city, Japan. The lesson I learned from living there and from my return to the States is that people are people and the US of A is just another country. Human beings are what matters, not borders or dogma.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon, which is as amazing as you’ve heard, except that it’s so crowded now that we don’t even bother to go out as often as we used to. Don’t move here unless you like parking lots disguised as freeways.

Mt. Hood is pretty amazing if you need a snowboarding fix though, and the food, coffee, and beer can compete with anything from anywhere in the universe.