PSP 200 — Bigger on the Inside

The doctor of all cohosts talks about Pocket Casts, Scanner Pro, Ferrite, Shortcuts, books by Matt Gemmell, Nanny McPhee and more!! Links Pocket Casts Scanner Pro Ferrite Apple Shortcuts Matt Gemmell – Autographed ebooks Nanny McPhee Blurring the Lines podcast Not Speeding in Reverse Bubble Sort […]

PSP 192 — There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts in life, but there are in Siri, and Vic and Scott talk about them. It’s the first of what will be many dives into iOS automation. Links Shortcuts app Shortcuts EXPLAINED! Shortcuts User Guide Use x-callback-url with Shortcuts Vic’s Let’s Go to Work Shortcut Vic’s ETA […]

PSP 189 — Kill all the wires

Vic cures cord rage with his new AirPods, and Vic and Scott try to troubleshoot low workout heart rate readings on Scott’s Apple Watch. Links AirPods AirPods history W1 Chip BubbleSort Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter

PSP 182 — Have a Watch, have a heart

Can Apple Watch save your life? One man wants to know. Vic and Scott talk about all the ways the Watch can watch your heart. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Apple Watch is even more important than iPhone How to measure heart rate variability (HRV) on your Apple Watch Heart Rate […]

PSP 180 — Diminished Capacity

All three Pocket Sized Podcast hosts are now on team Apple Watch, and it’s glorious. If Scott can get over Vic whistling past the graveyard of his dead Mac, they may just have a podcast! And Tim Nahumck saves the day!! Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Apple Watch User Guide WaterMinder […]

PSP 178 — The day the music died

Apple Music is gaining listeners — or is it just gaining subscribers? Scott’s Apple Music can’t even, and he and Vic talk about the experience of fighting Apple devices and services. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Apple Music won’t play iExplorer iMazing Aftershow Bubble Sort Show

PSP 173 — Locking up your crayon

Apple wants the education market to remember they exist, and they show off a crayon to prove it. Ronnie and Vic get out their pencils and do their homework on Apple’s educational relevance. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter BubbleSort Show The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Apple March 27, […]

PSP 170 — Ten years of garden walls

Ten years ago, the app store was announced and the trajectory of the iPhone was changed forever. Vic Hudson and Scott reminisce about their early iOS devices, their app store experiences, and more. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Police officer resigns after stealing AirPods from Apple Store A lot can happen in […]

PSP 166 — Round

Ronnie, Vic, and Scott are all about the round, chunky HomePod conversation. Also, Apple falls on the family by failing to love all of them equally. It hurts. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Vic Hudson on Twitter Bubble Sort Show Essential Apple In touch with iOS podcast HomePod review […]