PSP 200 — Bigger on the Inside

The doctor of all cohosts talks about Pocket Casts, Scanner Pro, Ferrite, Shortcuts, books by Matt Gemmell, Nanny McPhee and more!! Links Pocket Casts Scanner Pro Ferrite Apple Shortcuts Matt Gemmell – Autographed ebooks Nanny McPhee Blurring the Lines podcast Not Speeding in Reverse Bubble Sort […]

PSP 197 — That Spotty Oik

This week we love Ferrite even more after editing an entire podcast on an iPhone, and we start talking about writing apps (Part 1 of 1000). Links Apple announces iPad Pro and Mac event for October 30: ‘There’s more in the making’ Modified iOS Device Frame shortcut Created by AvatarHurden on Reddit and […]

PSP 193 — Yellow tracksuit

Andy is back, and he and Scott talk more about Shortcuts, 1Password, yellow tracksuits, and stalkers on the M1. Links Apple Shortcuts app RoutineHub Shortcuts directory A couple of Shortcut tips — Andy Nicolaides Workflow (Shortcuts) Tags shortcut Airtable Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter

PSP 192 — There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts in life, but there are in Siri, and Vic and Scott talk about them. It’s the first of what will be many dives into iOS automation. Links Shortcuts app Shortcuts EXPLAINED! Shortcuts User Guide Use x-callback-url with Shortcuts Vic’s Let’s Go to Work Shortcut Vic’s ETA […]


It’s post-WWDC keynote, and VH (see the VH in WWDC up there?) and Scott are here to talk about their feelings. About WWDC, I mean. Only WWDC. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter watchOS 5: The MacStories Overview Siri Shortcuts: third-party integration by another name? WWDC developer videos Shortcuts looks like […]