Contact Hopping

I need to manage contacts on my iPhone a lot, usually at work when I need to quickly add someone’s name and phone number at a minimum. Apple’s Contacts app is terrible for getting contacts in quickly. Each field is separate, you can’t just paste a full address into one field, weird phone number formatting […]

PSP 197 — That Spotty Oik

This week we love Ferrite even more after editing an entire podcast on an iPhone, and we start talking about writing apps (Part 1 of 1000). Links Apple announces iPad Pro and Mac event for October 30: ‘There’s more in the making’ Modified iOS Device Frame shortcut Created by AvatarHurden on Reddit and […]

PSP 188 — The dreamiest voice

Sometimes you just want your iPhone to read you a story. Peter and Scott talk about pleasant ways to make this happen, both in native iOS text to speech and in the Voice Dream app. Links Voice Dream Voice Dream Reader Voice Dream Reader App Store link Acapela voices demo Ivona […]

PSP 170 — Ten years of garden walls

Ten years ago, the app store was announced and the trajectory of the iPhone was changed forever. Vic Hudson and Scott reminisce about their early iOS devices, their app store experiences, and more. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Police officer resigns after stealing AirPods from Apple Store A lot can happen in […]

PSP 164 — No one cares about iPhones anymore

Pocket Sized Podcast is a pocketable podcast all about Apple devices, iOS, and the great apps in the iOS App Store. Ronnie and Scott talk and talk and interview great people from the Apple community. Apparently no one cares about iPhones anymore, but Ronnie cared enough to get an iPhone X, and Scott cared enough […]