PSP 199 — Putting the Pro in iPad Pro

Apple has new iPad Pros (and Andy will soon have one too), and Scott has thoughts about Apple pricing. Links Apple October 30, 2018 event New iPad Pro: can it replace your laptop? Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter

PSP 197 — That Spotty Oik

This week we love Ferrite even more after editing an entire podcast on an iPhone, and we start talking about writing apps (Part 1 of 1000). Links Apple announces iPad Pro and Mac event for October 30: ‘There’s more in the making’ Modified iOS Device Frame shortcut Created by AvatarHurden on Reddit and […]

PSP 195 — Edge to edge iPad

It’s possible that new iPads are coming and Andy wants one. Facebook naively thinks you might trust them enough to put their camera in your house. And it may be the best time ever to jump into Doctor Who. Links Exclusive: iPad Pro Face ID details, 4K HDR video over USB-C, AirPods-like Apple Pencil 2 […]

PSP 188 — The dreamiest voice

Sometimes you just want your iPhone to read you a story. Peter and Scott talk about pleasant ways to make this happen, both in native iOS text to speech and in the Voice Dream app. Links Voice Dream Voice Dream Reader Voice Dream Reader App Store link Acapela voices demo Ivona […]

PSP 184 — Apple and education technology

Bradley Chambers is a school IT director and an expert on Apple devices. Bradley joins us to talk about what is holding the iPad back, one of Apple’s biggest education missteps, and much more. Links Bradley Chambers on Twitter 9to5Mac Bradley Chambers on 9to5Mac Out of School podcast Mobile Safari is […]

PSP 183 — iPad in education

Fraser Speirs is well known in the Apple community as an educator with an expertise in technology deployment in schools. Fraser talks about his experience as an educator deploying Apple technology as well as the state of Apple’s education efforts. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Fraser Speirs Fraser on Twitter Canvas […]

PSP 173 — Locking up your crayon

Apple wants the education market to remember they exist, and they show off a crayon to prove it. Ronnie and Vic get out their pencils and do their homework on Apple’s educational relevance. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter BubbleSort Show The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Apple March 27, […]