PSP 171 — I am Ronnie’s HomePod, AMA

Ronnie got a HomePod and likes it, but Scott wonders if it listens to anything he says. Also Ronnie has follow up regarding last week’s episode about the iOS App Store. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Hip2Save

PSP 170 — Ten years of garden walls

Ten years ago, the app store was announced and the trajectory of the iPhone was changed forever. Vic Hudson and Scott reminisce about their early iOS devices, their app store experiences, and more. Links Pocket Sized Podcast on Twitter Police officer resigns after stealing AirPods from Apple Store A lot can happen in […]

PSP 164a — Coma Begone

Pocket Sized Podcast is a pocketable podcast all about Apple devices, iOS, and the great apps in the iOS App Store. Ronnie and Scott talk and talk and interview great people from the Apple community. This week is nothing short of, oh, I don’t know, a complete snapping out of a coma. We intro ourselves […]