The Pattern Recognizers

William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition is high on my list of all time great books so I was excited to find The Incomparable 446: Allergic to Brands in Overcast this morning. I love the deep dives The Incomparable does on just about any topic, and they don’t disappoint here.

I particularly loved Lisa Schmeiser’s dissection of the generational interplay at work in the book. We’ve all seen it, the differences in beliefs and attitudes that occur from generation to generation, but I could have never vocalized the way she does how Pattern Recognition uses it to not just separate characters but to tie them together as well.

The hosts also get into the concept of pattern recognition itself, how it’s used by Gibson, and how it works when a sci-fi writer with futuristic sensibilities turns their eye on modern times. It’s a fascinating look at what is itself a fascinating look at society through the eyes of a master of pattern recognition himself, William Gibson.

If you haven’t read Pattern Recognition or at least listened to the audio book (I recommend both – written and spoken words trigger different parts of the brain, and listening is not reading and vice versa), do that and then spend a happy hour and 10 minutes with the crew of The Incomparable sifting for patterns in the signal.