I’m really proud of the most recent episode of BubbleSort Rabbit Hole, RH003 : Darkness. Clay, Ronnie, Vic, and I went deep on Eminem’s new song Darkness, what it says about our society, Ronnie’s reactions to it as a Las Vegas resident, and the importance of listening when a messenger comes, as Clay insightfully noted.

Speaking of Clay, please read Underwater. Personal emotional struggles have always been a part of the human condition, and we all go through them to varying degrees at different times and for differing reasons.

Clay’s words about not truly belonging anywhere struck a resonant chord with me, in my case due to where I grew up and the contrast to this country I felt when we returned to the U.S. But the feeling of not belonging has many causes and is experienced by people far more frequently than we probably let on.

On top of all of it, we do live in depressing times, and even if you yourself aren’t depressed or struggling emotionally to see where you fit in or what your role is, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why many others are. To not comprehend this seems to me to be a sign of a wildly underdeveloped imagination.