Thank you

Yesterday morning I was pleasantly surprised to find episode 97 of my friend Clay’s Cybrcast sitting in my Overcast queue, an emotion that turned to humble contemplation as I began to listen.

As the gentlemen of Cybrcast listed things in their lives they are grateful and thankful for, I was forced to ponder my own tendency to focus on the negative rather than acknowledge how fortunate I really am and how much I have and how little of it I really deserve or did anything to earn.

Ty spoke of thankfulness for family. I am fortunate beyond measure here.

My wife is one of the most genuine and wonderful people in the universe, and I am so glad she somehow found herself stuck with me. The winner in this arrangement is definitely all me — I can only hope she’s enjoyed a few good days out of the deal as well.

My daughter is a kind, smart, funny, and just plain FUN human being. I love her beyond measure. She’s a genuinely good kid, and lest that sound arrogant or like I am bragging, I assure you I’m fully aware of how little any of it has to do with me. Whatever positive influence her parents may have had on her attitude is entirely due to her mother, but mainly, she was always going to be this way, and we’re just fortunate enough to be her temporary guardians.

I’m also extremely grateful for the fact that I have 11 days off, starting today. It’s hard to underestimate how valuable a break every now and then can be. If I’m lucky, I might even sneak in a podcast with my friend Peter during this time. One can dream.