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Pair Programming with Hugo

I mentioned in my first post on my new parallel universe version of that I am using Hugo to generate the site. And Vic and I joked in our Mr. Robot Season 4 podcast on BubbleSort TV that we are now pair programming buddies. Truth is, I have worked a lot with Vic on both the BubbleSort sites and server and on Hugo in general, learning what I needed in order to build this site and prepare for some future projects.

Hugo has a lot of what you need to make a full-featured website built in. It’s highly customizable, and it’s not hard to learn. Like anything, it does take a little time and digging to uncover some of its nuances.

One of the things I’m working on right now is customizing the RSS feeds for the site so I can start linking to them and people can start using them. By …

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I love beginnings. New projects, new directions, new things to learn and create.

My personal website is a project with a beginning, and ending, and now another beginning. I have moved it from my old web host and Wordpress to a different platform entirely, for both practical and frivolous reasons.

This site now uses Hugo, a static site generator that has a lot of the benefits of dynamically rendered sites with the performance and increased security of one that doesn’t have a giant code base and sql database behind it. With this change, I get a chance to dig into a new technical challenge as well as to revamp the site’s content and direction.

It also gives me a lot of great options for automating my publishing workflow for iOS with Shortcuts and apps like iA Writer, Working Copy and Secure ShellFish. …

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