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Recent Podcast Appearances

Rather than post an “ICYMI” to Twitter, I’ll mention a couple recent podcast appearances here instead.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy a two-part appearance on iPad Pros with Tim Chaten, the first episode of which went live yesterday. It’s Episode 69 – Shortcuts and Data Jar with Scott Willsey.

Yesterday we also released episode 50 of BubbleSort TV, Mr Robot S04E11 : 411 Exit, with myself and Vic Hudson. We’ve been covering Mr. Robot Season 4. It’s a good one, and it just got really weird.

Serving up Hugo on the Mac

The beauty of the Mac that my Windows-tolerating, Mac-non-understanding friends don’t see is that it runs Unix, and that means it can run everything the entire web is built on and the tools that are used to develop the entire web.

Hugo is no exception. You’re probably not going to want to run production sites from your Mac, but you can get a lot of development work and testing done by running Hugo on a Mac and hacking away at your sites from your local network.

Installing Hugo on macOS is relatively simple using Homebrew.

Homebrew’s marketing technique leaves a bit to be desired:

Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple (or your Linux system) didn’t.

Less than convincing, yes, but Homebrew is in fact quite useful. Once Homebrew is installed, getting Hugo on your Mac is just a matter of typing the following in the command line:

brew …

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Pair Programming with Hugo

I mentioned in my first post on my new parallel universe version of that I am using Hugo to generate the site. And Vic and I joked in our Mr. Robot Season 4 podcast on BubbleSort TV that we are now pair programming buddies. Truth is, I have worked a lot with Vic on both the BubbleSort sites and server and on Hugo in general, learning what I needed in order to build this site and prepare for some future projects.

Hugo has a lot of what you need to make a full-featured website built in. It’s highly customizable, and it’s not hard to learn. Like anything, it does take a little time and digging to uncover some of its nuances.

One of the things I’m working on right now is customizing the RSS feeds for the site so I can start linking to them and people can start using them. By …

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I love beginnings. New projects, new directions, new things to learn and create.

My personal website is a project with a beginning, and ending, and now another beginning. I have moved it from my old web host and Wordpress to a different platform entirely, for both practical and frivolous reasons.

This site now uses Hugo, a static site generator that has a lot of the benefits of dynamically rendered sites with the performance and increased security of one that doesn’t have a giant code base and sql database behind it. With this change, I get a chance to dig into a new technical challenge as well as to revamp the site’s content and direction.

It also gives me a lot of great options for automating my publishing workflow for iOS with Shortcuts and apps like iA Writer, Working Copy and Secure ShellFish. …

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