Is This Site Languishing?

I love you, dear reader, but you could be forgiven for thinking I don’t even know that you exist. You could even be forgiven for thinking I don’t even know my own website exists. Because, yes, to answer my own question, this site is languishing.

Here’s why.

I know that I’m going to entirely rewrite this site in something not Hugo. Mostly likely I’ll use Astro, which is a stupendously amazing looking static site generator that allows for inclusion of client-side javascript components (read: interactivity) on a very controlled basis. This means interactivity when needed (search and much, much more) while keeping overhead low for readers.

It’s not just about my ever-shifting focus on what makes me happy though. When I created this site in Hugo, I was wildly non-conversant in how it and static site generators in general allow for incredible flexibility. As a result of that plus really poor planning, I made 1000 categories AND then I made it worse by making them all folders instead of having my categories all just be logical and putting all my posts under the same parent folder like I should have.

The result is my page links are dumb, inconsistent, and annoying.

It also means that when I rewrite this site, even if I move all the actual posts to the new site, the URLs will break. Sad, but given my single digits of readers, I think it’s ok. As mentioned above, I plan to include search and maybe people will have to use it a couple times here and there.

Anyway, I am alive, I just have many projects lined up and only so much free time to do them. For example, before I fix this site, I need to finish building some additional beer data functionality to Friends With Beer so that people can see what Peter and I think of the beer we drink, see our ratings, and read some comments that we made about them in the podcast.

I also need to help Vic finish getting the next (much, much nicer) iteration of the BubbleSort website out. Part of my dragging my feet is based on him dragging his feet – consider this a call to action, Vic! Since I do have so many projects to do, my current philosophy is I’m not going to work harder on a project than the person who created the project in the first place. I think it’s fair – priorities are often verbalized one way but actions indicate a different reality.

Lots of fun, lots of work to do!