Drafts, Shortcuts, and Working Copy, The Movie

Today I made a very rough video showing my Drafts blog post publishing shortcut for a new friend on Twitter who will soon be in need of a mobile only blogging workflow. I’m not sure he wants the world to know who he is and where he’ll be for an extended duration, so I won’t reveal that here. However, I’ll happily link to his blog if he’s ok with it. All I can say is his future endeavor looks amazing!

Anyway, in the spirit of mostly closing out this chapter of my series on blogging using Drafts, Shortcuts, and Working Copy (and at one point Scriptable), I thought I’d link to my video here. It’s not great and I am a little under the weather, so expect some monotone and mumbling. I’ll make a better version in the future, but I can only say thanks for the nudge to get me to make one at all! I needed it.


Drafts Blog Post Publish shortcut

Blog Post Git Workflow shortcut

Hugo Shortcodes shortcut

PS. My comment about closing out this chapter on my blogging workflow is in reference to coming changes to this site. Most likely it won’t impact most of my actual shortcut at all, and in fact should help me clean it up a bit, more like the version of the shortcut I’ve shared here. I can’t wait to get started on it, once I’ve finished up my Friends with Beer rating and details views for the Friends with Beer podcast!

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