All the 14’s

I do a lot of work on my iPad and I don’t normally advocate diving into iOS betas in general anyway. And even though my iPhone isn’t as critical to me now as it was before I really got into modern iPads, I still need it to last through the day and generally be stable. So you might think I decided to avoid the iOS and iPadOS 14 betas like the plague.

Narrator: He did not avoid the iOS and iPadOS 14 betas like the plague.

The 14’s: iPadOS and iOS

The funny thing is that while Apple didn’t mention performance and stability at all during the WWDC 2020 keynote, iOS and iPadOS 14 are quite performant and very stable, remarkably so for any beta let alone the first beta. It’s about as far from last year’s iOS 13 beta experience as you can get. iOS 13 was rough throughout the beta period and beyond.

Anyway, I was careful not to install iPadOS 14 beta on my iPad Pro until I’d played with iOS 14 beta on my iPhone and was quite confident that I wouldn’t break anything integral to my various iPad workflows, for example apps like Ferrite, Working Copy, Code Editor, Secure Shellfish, and Shortcuts.

Last night I edited episode 27 of BubbleSort with my usual “with pencil, sans keyboard” editing workflow and found myself using Scribble to add and edit chapter titles and to message with friends while editing, since the pencil was already in my hand. It works surprisingly well.

For me, one of the best improvements wasn’t even mentioned in the keynote, and that’s the changes to Shortcuts: folders, copying and pasting actions, multi-window support, and automations that can run on a schedule without user interaction.

In the near future I’ll write a post and embed a video about that last point. I’ve already replaced 3 IFTTT actions for adding new articles from specific sites into Pocket with one shortcut that adds articles from those same sites into GoodLink for me to read later, all without me doing anything or knowing or caring that it’s happening.

So far my iOS and iPadOS 14 customer sat is high. Tim will be thrilled.

Tim is thrilled