Super Nova

Nova is here, and it’s every bit as super as you’d expect software from Panic to be.

What is it? It’s a Mac-native text editor for programmers that seems like has been under development forever, but in reality it’s only been something like 14 months since Panic first announced that Nova was the future of Panic text editors, replacing Code Editor, née Coda.

Nova’s got style and it’s got features with style. Local and remote servers, local and remote terminals, git support, hierarchical element support, multi-language syntax and highlighting support, tabs, built-in preview browser with inspector tools, and much, much more.

Nova editor and preview browser

Nova git tool pane

Nova document hierarchy view

I’ll be interested to see how Panic does with this in the face of competition from the likes of Visual Studio Code and Atom, which are both very full-featured, support tons of plugins and options, and are free.

Nova is $99 (or $79 if you have a Coda 1 or Coda 2 key), and $49/yr after that. It’s a hard sell, even when taking into consideration that Nova is a Mac native app and Visual Studio Code and Atom are electron.

Having used all three now, I can say that for me Nova is easily worth it, but I think a lot of people won’t care about native vs. electron and will be perfectly happy with Visual Studio Code editor. Atom seems like a distant third in this race to me, which means, assuming I’m correct, they basically sacrificed the position they used to have as one of the top editors on the Mac.1

I hope Panic does well with this. It’s such an amazingly nice editor. Now let’s get an updated Code Editor for iOS, guys!!

  1. I’m not sure what other platforms Atom is on or what its popularity on those platforms is, but I do know that it was very popular on the Mac for a long time. ↩︎