I love beginnings. New projects, new directions, new things to learn and create.

My personal website is a project with a beginning, and ending, and now another beginning. I have moved it from my old web host and Wordpress to a different platform entirely, for both practical and frivolous reasons.

This site now uses Hugo, a static site generator that has a lot of the benefits of dynamically rendered sites with the performance and increased security of one that doesn’t have a giant code base and sql database behind it. With this change, I get a chance to dig into a new technical challenge as well as to revamp the site’s content and direction.

It also gives me a lot of great options for automating my publishing workflow for iOS with Shortcuts and apps like iA Writer, Working Copy and Secure ShellFish.

Enough of the stupid excuses I used to justify this project to myself. Here’s what I will use for going forward:

  • Geeky tech posts about iOS and macOS and some web development,
  • Personally interesting topics such as Japan, Japanese, tv shows, books, and movies,
  • Musings on the tech world in general as it relates to and shapes our society, for both good and evil.
  • Archives and rss feeds for some of my past podcasts.

And so, at the end of a year and of a decade, a new beginning for my website. I also hope to explore another little tangent that I think you’ll like.

Stay tuned…