4 Nubs

After all these years, I still have my moments online when I handle something really wrong and counterproductively. I belonged to a Discord for people participating in CSS courses from a really great online CSS instructor and saw a comment that really irritated me. In a Linux channel, someone made an assertion that some application or other was for Nubs (pretty sure that’s how he spelled it). I can’t even remember what he was saying was for 1337s, I think it was vim.

I like vim, I use vim, it’s my text editor of choice in Linux and in the terminal on the Mac. But in a Discord server created for the point of helping people who are undoubtedly new to things, why would you categorize any tool someone new might be using as for nubs and expect that to be welcoming and friendly? It’s just dumb, it’s polarizing, and it has zero to do with getting anything done on the server anyway.

I did get lambasted for MY response, which is fair, because my response was counterproductive and unfriendly and also because they all missed my point. My point wasn’t “you guys are idiots”, my point was “you guys are being jerks for telling people they’re noobs in a noob friendly place just because maybe they use this program you don’t like”.

At any rate, two key takeaways from my characteristically ineffective social interaction on that Discord server:

  1. Don’t get into contests of who’s noob and who’s leet based on what apps they use,
  2. Don’t bother replying to people calling that out because they’ll completely miss the point anyway, especially if you respond the way I did.

Funnily enough, I was accused of just using the server to help no one but myself, but the truth is that although I’d been a member of it for a long time, I never DID use it because conversations in several of the channels were exactly like that one - people talking about what they prefer to use to do things with, not about actually doing things. The actual CSS channels are pretty good. I just wasn’t getting any benefit from them (and therefore not looking at them often), so the person who accused me of being on there all the time but not helping had the first part wrong, but the second point was fair. So I left the server.

Online communication is hard. People don’t know your intent and if you make it even harder for them to grasp the point you’re actually trying to make, like I did in that situation, it’s just counterproductive. And maybe the people who were acting like they’re sixteen really ARE sixteen. 😂🤷‍♂️