This post is written in loving memory of Vic’s Apple Music playlist day counter.

Apple has an incremental problem. I’m referring to counters. Photos, days. Whatever.

Photos on Mac has been stuck at 3843 photos and 127 videos since probably sometime in 2015 or 2016. My iPhone, by contrast, informs me that I currently have 3,934 photos and 129 videos. Is that accurate? I don’t know, but at least it changes by the right number when I add or delete things.

I’ll admit whenever I initially encountered the issue in Mac Photos app, I thought there was an iCloud sync issue and it drove me nuts. Once I realized Apple just can’t count and that all my photos and videos seem to be present and accounted for, I stopped caring. I have since spent exactly zero minutes trying to understand or fix those stupid stuck numbers.

Vic, on the other hand, has a weird weekday counter issue with Apple Music. It’s always a day behind for him. Is it Friday? Not for Vic! It’s Thursday again! All he has to do is consult Apple Music to know.

On the other hand, his playlists seem current (as far as he knows), but still it bothers Vic immensely. Should it? Probably not. It’s not like the issue I had with Apple Music back in late 2017(?) when playing a song from Apple Music would crash the music app for me every single time.

Resolving that one required a wipe and clean install of iOS, and it really was imperative because I was paying for Apple Music but couldn’t play it on my iPhone. If there’s one device music needs to play on, that’s the one.

In the meantime, I think Vic should just relax and enjoy the past. Being perpetually a day younger than you’re supposed to be can’t be a bad thing. You should tweet at him and let him know.